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Laws and safety involving firearms

This course is designed to educate children through the use of NRA animated "Eddie the Eagle" gun safety program which goes through what a child should do is finding a gun, If someone they are around produces a gun, Video of the "results" of weapons fired at various objects as well as my own safety course for parents and covering the Texas laws of "making a firearm accessible to a child" (under the age of 17)

We will discuss the safe keeping or firearms vs hiding, options and methods of making a firearm safe.

Discuss knowing where your kids play or visit and habits of those places.

This class is approximately 2 hours and is priced at $25 for single parents, $35 for both and children are included. 

Kids will receive a certificate of completion in the Eddie the Eagle Program..

Contact me for private group reservations. If the group is too large for your home, We can move it to Spring Creek BBQ on Tomball Pkwy for no additional charge. Seating is limited to 50 Total

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