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Basic Handgun PLUS

Training available at your  homes or business

This is an in depth course of study for beginners and new handgun users.

   In this class you will be taught all parts of the handgun, the mechanics of how they work (both semi-automatic and revolvers), how to break them down and clean them.

   You will be instructed on the importance of sight picture, sight alignment, proper grip in holding and firing the handgun as well as important factors of what NOT to do. 

   We will discuss proper stances in shooting and which ones work for you. 

   We will cover safe keeping and storage, Texas Statutes of making a firearm accessible to a child, along with penalties & firearm safety,

   The great thing about my training course, other than my military experiences and 31 years as a Texas Deputy Sheriff, is that I specialize in "fine tuning" this class to meet your specific needs, desires and goals.

   Because this course is designed for EVERYONE, I encourage families to take this together with their children. This is an education for older kids to become familiar and responsible with the firearms for hunting and sport as well as the sad possibility of self protection at home.

   My children began their firearms training at 4 years old. Now at 13 and 18, they are both absolutely incredible shooters, with safety being paramount.

   With this training, you have the option to go from classroom to the range to become more familiar with the firearms while having the continued ability of training with me to oversee you.

   Pricing varies do to your needs, however I love teaching and my goal is to educate each student in their choices and have the competence and confidence is using the firearm.

   Please email me with any questions and we can discuss your needs &  goals and get this scheduled for you at your home or business.

   I can accommodate larger groups at a location other than your homes and businesses.

My 16 year old son doing tactical 2 to the chest 1 to head at 21 feet


This student is a TWO time shooter and shot a score of 249 from 250 at distances of 9, 21 and 45 feet.  INCREDIBLE!

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