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FiveO LTC firearms-Craig Logo_edited.png
Private training 3+ persons at your home, business, church.....
 ***I will conduct 2 persons at a slightly higher rate of $100 each ***

Three class options are available according to your needs:


1.  Complete LTC course which includes class training, required state certification paperwork of completion and subsequent firearms qualifications the same day.


2.  Classroom training, required state certification of completion paperwork with the option of firearrms qualifications with in 2 years.


3.  Classroom education which is an in depth seminar of Texas use of force, self defense and defense of others as well as property and MUCH more!

  This covers Criminal and Civil liabilities for your actions, the NUMEROUS BENEFITS that LTC carriers have over permitless carry including places LTC Carriers can carry that permitless cannot, defense of prosecution and/or exemptions from arrest in some instances for LTC Carriers that is NOT offered to permit less carry.

 This information is  common sense necessity to anyone that wants to carry a handgun.

In this Texas LTC (License To Carry) a handgun in Texas you will be instructed on:

  • Statutes governing Use of Force (Chapter 9 Penal code).

  • Safe storage of firearms.

  • Interactions with Peace Officers in traffics stops and other events.

  • De-escalation and avoidance.

  • Necessity involving use of force.

  • Threat of force vs Use of force.

  • Basic concepts and use of handguns, safety.

  •  'Stand your ground" requirements.

  • Police protocols in use of force with citizens.

  • What you must do in an event as well as recommendations (as a peace officer)

  • Liabilities, both Criminal and Civil

  • I provide FAR more civil and criminal statutes to enhance your confidence when it comes time to use the necessary force to protect yourself, family and others.

Evening Classes are available Monday-Saturday.
This is a class certification and qualifications can be any other day you chose. 

This options is $60 classroom and $35 Firearms qualifications if conducted through FiveO

These course classes are private classes conducted at your home, businesses, churches or other venues.

If you have a larger group and cannot accommodate the seating, I can do this at no extra charge at a local restaurant.

Course fee is $85 per student and this includes your range fee.

Class times are open to your schedule and convenience any day except Sundays <><

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