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Suicide prevention
   and Addiction's

Suicide is a Horrific act that ends the pain for ones self but leaves a catastrophic pain and emptiness to ALL those left behind. It leaves behind guilt, shame and "what if I" questions to all of us left.
 There is absolutely no shame or weakness in reaching out for help and / or guidance when we feel helpless and nothing matters. Your life does matter regardless circumstances.
When anyone reaches this point and has feelings that their is no hope, No one to talk to.... PLEASE use the link below below for some incredible resources that can help you through the most troublesome times.
Suicide is never the answer. Its a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem.
If you or someone you know, is in need of assistance for anything at all, PLEASE use this link below of incredible resources that are available to you.
If you are not comfortable speaking with family or friends, this is a great source of help available. Please HELP one another !

The care / Dependency among elderly is added due to the diligence of a student, Anna with the "Home School Adventure". Her Teacher, Ms. Sophie contacted me to commend her on her research on a topic rarely discussed.

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