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Law Shield specializes is ALL USE OF FORCE situations and offers the very best coverage's that are available.


While many companies offer coverage, none come close to the quality and expertise that is offered through Law Shield.


Base plan is only $10.95 a month and this covers Civil AND Criminal representation with NO MONETARY or HOURS CAP!


* Add on options are available:

  • Minor children.

  • Traveling

  • Hunters / fisherman coverage

  • 50K bond AND expert witness coverage.

  • Accidental Discharge

  • Identity / and gun theft coverage

  • Auto appeal (If needed) 

  • and more.


Law Shield hosts many seminars and courses such as the Traumatic Stop the Bleed course, Active shooter seminars, gun law seminars, use of force seminars...

Their attorneys are available for answering your questions by phone during business hours or via email.

If you are ever in a use of force event, You call the emergency number and it goes directly to an attorney and NOT an answering service.

 No contracts ever! Add and remove coverage's as it is needed.... Traveling for a few months? Add the multi state coverage and end it when your return if you want. It is that easy.

Another great thing is Law Shield covers ALL LEGAL WEAPONS!

This means that if an incident occurred and you needed to use your car, club, knife, frying pan or anything else that is legal to possess... You are covered.

 I can tell you first hand by being in deadly use of force encounters that the greatest feeling is having your attorney on speed dial.

There are often times that law enforcement gets it wrong or is governed by bad witness information that may lead to your arrest, EVEN IF YOU DID EVERYTHING RIGHT!


Without coverage, the legal battle is grueling and expensive. We work too hard for our belongings and savings for us to spend our savings and retirements proving our innocence. 

Use this link below and get the "Platinum Package" that gives you locked in rates forever.... If you want to add a spouse or simply add a coverage, the rates remain the same today even if the rates change down the road.

You will also get 2 months free if you pay annually 

*** If you go directly to Law Shield site, MAKE SURE and use discount code FIVEOCHL to insure you receive this PLATINUM package

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