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Refuse To Be A Victim !

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Most attacks can be avoided with nothing more than common sense and a little preparation. As I have seen through my continued law enforcement career (since 1990), I see so many people absolutely oblivious and carefree to their surroundings. Whether its face into their phones or tunnel vision on the daily activities, These are all things that a predator looks for and sets in wait for you.

 The Christmas season is always the busiest time of year for law enforcement due to the Grinch home burglars doing their shopping and the robbers waiting for you to leave the stores with all those packages.

Woman seem to always be perceived as the easiest of prey and ESPECIALLY mothers with kids. These bad guys know that the mothers will be focused on protecting her kids and this makes it even easier for the vermin to rob you of your packages with the chance also of your purse, jewelry and other items.

 If you chose for whatever reason to not carry a firearm, there are many other things you can due to prevent and/or stop these events from happening.

This seminar was first produced in 1993 directed specifically towards women. Over the next few years, it received such high praise and reviews, Men were asking to attend as well. 

In 1997 it was opened as a co-ed seminar and new information added regularly as crime patterns and criminal tactics changed .

This seminar is an outstanding collection of information to teach you;

* Psychological mind set of criminals, and how they pick their victims
* Personal safety and defense
* Home safety
* Work Safety
* Campus safety
* Technology safety
* Protecting the elderly and children
    ..... and more 

Please watch the video for more information and class dates. (Video Link here)

We will also come to your business, women's / men's groups or churches for the seminar presentation.

While few in our area are certified to teach this seminar, you will find pricing up to $75 a seat.

Our pricing is geared towards educating our community with the responsibilities and ethics of keeping everyone educated and safe.

* Single seats are $45,
* Couples are $60

*** Children 12 and younger FREE with paid adult attending, 15 - 18 year old $10 with paid adult.

 This course is pre-teen safe and can be instrumental on teaching our youth great safety habits now.

** Certificates of attendance are provided, Many home insurance companies will grant discounts to your policy due to content of the course.

Contact me to set up your event or inquire further.

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